Every year Stormoff® organizes and participates in more than 100 exhibitions and training events around the world

Every year Stormoff® organizes and participates in more than 100 exhibitions and training events around the world
DIXION, which is part of the Stormoff holding, has been participating for many years in major healthcare exhibitions around the world, such as MEDICA (Germany), ARAB HEALTH (UAE), CMEF (China), Health (Turkmenistan) and Zdravookhranenije (Russia).
Participation in exhibitions gives us the opportunity to individually communicate with hundreds of foreign experts, share experience with our colleagues, strengthen existing strong relationships and acquire new partners.
International exhibitions and conferences are an indispensable tool for the development and growth of the company. At the events, we have a unique opportunity to understand the points of growth and directions of the company's development and find out the real needs of our clients. Being closer to the client and contributing to the development of the global healthcare system are the most important values of Stormoff.

Medical staff training and consultations
It is well known that medical staff in Europe are trained at a very high level, a primary reason why these countries' treatment success for many diseases ranks among the highest worldwide. For healthcare professionals, for example Germany is consequently a highly attractive place to attend training and development courses.

STORMOFF® arranges advanced courses, seminars and training for medical staff in leading medical institutions in Germany. Programmes are drawn up individually by taking into account the customers' wishes and requirements and consist of both theoretical and practical parts.

In addition, information and consulting support from STORMOFF specialists allows our clients to perfectly navigate the medical services market and provides them with all the available tools to successfully compete in the industry.

We strive to maintain our values over time
Expertise and competence are the vital elements of success in healthcare industry. Our experience and know-how accumulated during years in this business are the key to our prosperity and guarantee of long term goals achievement.
Clients and partners trust our services as we put principles of responsibility and reliability above all.
Keeping high motivation and setting ambitious goals are the driving force in our day-to-day operations.
Creativity. Generating new ideas and solutions composes an integral part of our activity. Fresh ideas enable us to spot new
opportunities and respond to new challenges.
Team spirit ensures the right direction of our business development. We take care of our employees, assist them in problem-solving and provide friendly working environment and good rest thus contributing to their well-being.
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