Group of companies Stormoff® has an own project and construction department, which includes a sub-department of complex projecting. The latter develops project and executive documentation for the implementation of the infrastructural projects.

Due to own resources and highly qualified specialists such sub-department executes an entire range of construction-and-installation and commissioning works for each specified project as well as fulfills the role of the General contractor.

Sub-department performs:

• General construction
• Supply of technological and climate equipment
• Installation of heating, ventilation and conditioning systems
• Supply and installation of canalisation and water supply systems
• Installation of electric lighting, electric supply and grounding
• Equipping with fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems
• Commissioning works
• Extra service
• Projects validation and attestation

Sub-department of the company works on preparation of the project documentation, engineering research, ,and construction, reconstruction and repair of the objects of total development.

Among others, Stormoff is engaged in the development and maintenance of various infrastructure projects. In cooperation with partner companies, Stormoff carries out the entire range of activities from planning to implementation of these projects. One of these partners is the French manufacturer of ropeways, POMA.
With almost 80 years of experience in ropeway transportation POMA has rightfully won world leadership in this field.

Passenger cable cars are an efficient and promising form of transport. Currently, the use of cable cars is not limited to delivery of passengers from one point to another. Cable technology has made a huge leap forward, taking its rightful place alongside other forms of public passenger transport in an urbanized environment.
Ropeways have the following advantages:
Relative energy costs for ropeway transportation (up to 40 km/h) are 5-10 times lower than those of a modern automobile;
Capacity of one route is up to 7 thousand passengers per hour in each direction;
No more than one hundred km2 of land with full infrastructure is required per one kilometer of the cableway line;
Construction period of a 10km ropeway section takes approx. 2-3 years;
There is no need to create large embankments or excavations, build tunnels, powerful overpasses and viaducts that violate the landscape;
Commercial areas may be located at ropeway stations;
Investing in the construction of cableways
Investors' interest is clear: it is essential to build a station at a sufficient height above the ground to pick up passengers at the ropeway stations. This landing area should be located at the level of a five-, seven- or ten-storey building. Therefore, it is advisable to combine the station of the cableway with a multistorey building, in which various commercial and social objects could be located.

Thus, from the point of view of the investor, passengers travel from one mall to another, not from one station to another, and at stations it will be most convenient for passenger to make purchases and receive a large number of various services. Just at the expense of leasing the internal premises of passenger stations an investor can receive an annual rent of 48 ... 50 million rubles per year.
Three reason to invest in the construction of cableways
Successful projects of aerial tramways in cities such as Milan, London, Barcelona, etc
2 years
Return on investment
2-5 times cheaper
Than modern railways and highways.
The Stormoff company, using extensive experience in the development and implementation of such infrastructure projects, is ready to perform the function of the General Contractor of the project for the construction of cable cars. Our specialists have all the necessary skills and to provide full range of consulting and marketing services.