Manufacturing of Dixion Medical devices
In cooperation with leading manufacturers of medical equipment, STORMOFF® has designed and successfully promotes the widest range of modern medical equipment under the unified trading brand DIXION.

DIXION imposes stringent requirements for the quality of its manufactured equipment, ensuring both its safety and high reliability. The company certification number is ISO 13485/9001 and all of our manufactured products are marked with it.

200 certified engineers
48,000 units of spare parts available at warehouse
The company maintenance service guarantees high-quality service and repair, offering its services on both a one-time and a long-term basis. We provide service support for both DIXION devices and other manufacturers' equipment. The company's engineers complete annual internships and their qualifications are certified by manufacturers of medical equipment. Technicians provide fast and competent technical support for the problems that can arise during the operation of high-tech medical equipment.

• Commissioning of equipment
• Training the medical staff to operate the equipment
• Maintenance of the medical devices
• Delivery of spare parts, accessories and wear parts for medical devices and equipment
• Re-engineering and updating of software for medical equipment
• Provision of additional equipment during maintenance
• Online counselling
Training, exhibitions
Stormoff® organises and participates in dozens of events
All over the world every year

DIXION independently holds several dozen events spanning all fields of medicine, working with world-class specialists to host
workshops, seminars and conferences.
DIXION owns a learning-teaching base for specialist training in:

• Equipment sales
• Maintenance of medical devices
In addition to training new specialists, STORMOFF® annually provides training courses for experienced specialists.
DIXION participates in major trade fairs around the world, such as MEDICA (Germany), ARAB HEALTH (UAE), CMEF (China), Health (Turkmenistan) and Zdravookhranenije (Russia).

Our participation in exhibitions gives us the opportunity to connect individually with hundreds of foreign specialists, to strengthen our already existing strong contacts and to acquire new partners.
Dixion clinics
Given the increasing demand for high-quality medical services we elaborated the concept of an up-to-date multi-field institution based on best European practice. The first clinic was consequently opened in August 2010. This medical facility made its contribution to consolidation of DIXION as an integrated brand. DIXION keeps evolving as a universal business model for commercialization of medical devices as well as healthcare services.

Patients of our clinics have a chance to take advantage of modern telemedicine and get on-line medical advice from world class physicians from around the world.
With years of experience in the field of healthcare around The globe, stormoff® launched a project to set up a dixion Multi-specialty hospital chain.
Organisational medical consultancy
Automation of the operation of medical treatment facilities
Information and advisory support provided by STORMOFF specialists allows our customers to get their bearings in the market of medical services and places all available tools for successful competition in the industry at their disposal.
We provide a full range of advisory services in the following areas:

• Analysing different market aspects associated with the activities of the healthcare facility

• Grounding the prospects of various technological solutions

• Identifying organisational and economic problems in healthcare facility operation

• Checking the resource and cost efficiency
• Searching for qualitative solutions for further clinic development

• Assisting in the selection, training and development of healthcare facility staff

In cooperation with partner companies engaged in the development and implementation of automation systems for medical treatment facilities, STORMOFF offers clients an individual programme to treat and manage the clinic's accounting process.

These programmes feature a fast and flexible software configuration system that takes into account the specific document movement and the internal logistics of the clinic treated, including staff management.
Dixion healthcare
The STORMOFF company's long and successful experience in the healthcare market, its deep knowledge of the structure and characteristics of working in this system, the close contacts it has developed with many clinics and industry professionals – all this pushed us to launch our new project, DIXION Healthcare, in 2012.

Our work is grounded in our systematic approach to the treatment of every patient, which actually increases the efficiency of the final result.

DIXION Healthcare handles all organisational issues the client may face, by:
• Helping the client choose a clinic and putting him or her into contact with the best specialists in the relevant field of

• Assisting in preparing documents for the clinic, translating and transferring

• Reviewing and verifying the clinic's billing

• Assisting in the purchase of medicines

• Offering various options for health insurance, etc.
Medical staff training in Europe
It is well known that medical staff in Germany are trained at a very high level, a primary reason why the country's treatment success for many diseases ranks among the highest worldwide. For healthcare professionals, Germany is consequently a highly attractive place to attend training and development courses.
STORMOFF® arranges advanced courses, seminars and training for medical staff in leading medical institutions in Germany. Programmes are drawn up individually by taking into account the customers' wishes and requirements and consist of both theoretical and practical parts.
We strive to maintain our values over time
Expertise and competence are the vital elements of success in healthcare industry. Our experience and know-how accumulated during years in this business are the key to our prosperity and guarantee of long term goals achievement.

Clients and partners trust our services as we put principles of responsibility and reliability above all.

Keeping high motivation and setting ambitious goals are the driving force in our day-to-day operations.
Creativity. Generating new ideas and solutions composes an integral part of our activity. Fresh ideas enable us to spot new
opportunities and respond to new challenges.

Team spirit ensures the right direction of our business development. We take care of our employees, assist them in problem-solving and provide friendly working environment and good rest thus contributing to their well-being.