Ultrasound system The ACUSON S1000™
Wide range of application

12.1-inch high-resolution display with Instant Response technology allows for precise key selections
Specification: Ultrasound machine, 4 probes,
........................Cardio-vascular package, Video-printer.
Price: < 50 000 USD

  • Premium ultrasound technologies
  • Matrix sector phase array probe for cardio application
  • Linear array probe for vascular and small parts
  • Convex and microconvex endocavety probes
  • Cardio-vascular diagnostic package
Special offer for private clinic!
Efficient Workflow:

  • Intuitive, user-centric interface
  • Streamlined exam flows to improve image quality with less effort
  • New usability concept helps to eliminate unnecessary keystrokes

Touch Display
44% fewer soft keys
Outstanding quality
Confidence and compliance
We will help to gain your abilities:
  • Choose optimal specification according clinical needs
  • Plan integration the most advanced technologies for years to come
  • Update current equipment pool
Clinical use
Optimal conditions

Acuson S1000 make it easier to reduce operator skill variability and improve exam reproducibility
Why Siemens Accuson S1000

  • Provide healthcare professionals with clinical information not available on conventional ultrasound systems.
  • Help hospital departments to continuously improve their clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.
  • Achieve better outcomes at lower costs by expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience, and digitalizing healthcare
Excellent image quality and performance
Matrix sector phase array probe and cardio-vascular package offer detailed images for all patient types
Scalable for the future
Workflow Innovations

  • Context-sensitive body markers feature intuitive pictograms, transducer markers and supportive protocols
  • Smart-swap annotations with color-coded guidance simplify annotations by suggesting logical replacement text specific to the exam being performed
  • Directly access and control eSieScan™ workflow protocols through the touch display
Imaging Performance

ACUSON S1000 with Touch Control provides exceptional imaging results. Utilizing advanced technologies and diagnostic tools that expand your clinical capabilities, they deliver crisp, clear images so that you can make the first diagnosis the right one


From usability to technical compliance standards, Siemens has worked to ensure that the system you invest in today will be up-to-date and ready to integrate the most advanced technologies for years to come. This allows you to manage your costs without compromising your quality of care.